Sometimes something becomes so familiar that you stop seeing it.

15. The First

14. Surface

13. Shanty

12. Class

11. The One

10. Bagged

9. The Curtain

8. Window

7. Gig

6. The Ride

5. Threads

4. Air

3. Snake

2. Bad Faith

1. Secret Garden

About Adelaide Stories

In summer 2015 I read Lily Brett’s series of gentle, modest, vignette essays on life in New York. While the context for these stories, New York, is an address which is grand enough and big enough for people to write stories about it and have them published just because it is New York, the stories in question could be about any city. They are quiet portraits of people and places and pleasures within the confines of the familiar. What is lovely about them is that they make the familiar feel special.

And so I wondered if my city, Adelaide (in South Australia), had it’s own stories to tell. Not the big stories that make the news, but the unassuming ones. Little stories of encounters, eccentrics and eclecticism in a town that has suffered from being the boring one in the past.

Adelaide Stories is my current project to really see my city again and to document the little things that make her special. These are works of fiction based on fact. I’ve had to change certain things to protect privacy or fill in some gaps. However, each story is based on a real event or encounter in Adelaide.

15 thoughts on “ADELAIDE STORIES

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