Everything is yellow-hued. Hair glows; dresses seem transparent. It’s the kind of evening where the sunbeams really do dance as the birds flit and fly between them. I am mesmerized.

A guy is playing guitar.

Between this awe, sellers weave threads of annoyance between my fellow contemplators. We form a line to limbo under the thrust of unwanted rose stems, duck noises, neon arrows and beer. Incongruous with all this history.

In this place that is part city, part ruined wasteland, entangled in threads of time that stretch back and then return again to connect then and now.

It’s beautiful and I’m so glad I came here.


Nb: I was going to bypass Rome but managed to fit in one night on my way from Venice to Barcelona. I spent a total of 9 waking hours in the city and saw the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Ruins, Pantheon and Fontana de Trevi. I also got caught up in a protest along the way. This is a short post but the moment it captures was a highlight of my trip – I sat on the steps for 2 hours that night just taking it all in.

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