I found this piece of street art on a wall in east London on Thursday. The day was cold and very wet. I had five layers on including a new mac but I was freezing.

We had booked a bike tour through Alternativeldn which ended up being cancelled because the weather was so horrible. The sign was a perfect summation of my feelings towards London on this trip – I loved it, I endured it, I loved it again.

This was my fifth time in the city and since I first visited in 1989 my feelings have changed. London used to be my utopia – the place I wanted to be. Now I greet it less like a lover, more old friend.

I adored:

– Using Boris' bikes to ride through the city at midnight with no helmet, avoiding drunks, the wind in our hair.


– Walking along the Thames in the sunshine taking in that amazing vista

– Borough market and roast hog


– Shoreditch and east London with it's bars and amazing streetart


– The Tramshed, with the cow and the cock in Formaldehyde where we had amazing chicken and apple pie and were then scared by clown wallpaper


– Field Day festival – drinking cider and dancing to Solange, Django Django and Everything Everything


– Seeing Londoners greet the perplexing sun

– Being reunited with my mate Shannon and talking 'life' (oh life – sing it with me now) while drinking craft beer at the Holborn Whippet


I endured:

– Bone chilling cold not even thwarted by five layers


– Going underground into subways and basements


– That wet, raining Thursday and the ride back home soaked to the bone

– Queues and tourists and greyness

I still love you London but I don't think I want to be in you anymore… until next time, yeah?


2 thoughts on “Let’s adore and endure each other: London

  1. Your first picture is of the Village Arts Underground Project – its well worth a visit next time you are there. The tube carriages on the roof are recycled Jubilee line train cars and contain artist workspaces.


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