My mother doesn’t know how to segue. Her mind darts back and forth like my twitter feed: 3D printing; bread rolls; the unemployment rate in Spain.

I listen for the gaps in breath [pause]. Undeterred she continues: Tony Abbott; bathroom tiles; a trip to a winery that my sister plans to make; what the son of a friend who I haven’t seen for 15 years is currently doing in London and why I should visit when I am there in two weeks.

I really need a hashtag

Or a slide-show

Or some kind of dot-connector thing

Definitely an app of some sorts.

Instead I prepare a speech about breathing and visual cues and how a good segue can aid, even enhance conversations and that also, sometimes, it’s really good to listen too.

But we’ve reached my place by then and I kiss her goodnight and instead tell her she should use Twitter more because I think she’d really like it.

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